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MOA - Rendezvous

July 9,10,11 - 2004

Los Angeles, CA. (King Harbor, Redondo Beach)
…………….and a great time was had by all  :-)As the photos will keep rolling in,  I’ll post them promptly.

A good pizza and beer on Friday afternoon and a great dinner/gathering on Saturday (attended and enriched by Sharon Adams and Rion Oberly)  followed by a lively sail aboard “Oblivion” on Sunday put the icing on the cake for our first “Mariner Rendezvous “.
We all lived through Sharon,  Rion and tonnes of slides, our boats' past......from the  grounds of  Far East Yachts to the shores of California.

Thank you all for being there.

...and a "WELCOME" it was.

Group picture !!!

From left: Manfred Klemme, Bill Kranidis, Rion Oberly.

From Left: Tony West (M32 "Oblivion") , Ted Wassel ( M31 "Bolero"), Bill Kranidis.

Sharon Adams

From Left: Randall Reeves (M31 "Murre"), Bill Kranidis, Tony West (M32 "Oblivion).

Bill Kranidis explaining the MOA evolution to the members.

Sailing by John Bye and his M32 "Promise".

  "Shadow", "Oblivion", "Promise" this space :-)