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1966 Mariner 40, Hull#11
Owners:Darrell Shackleford - San Diego, CA - USA

Previous names: "Delphini Dio" and "Pilot"

"Pilot" was built and first owned by Fred S. Singer of Long Beach, California from '67-'70 and was sold to Samuel P. Kafoury in 1970. Samuel then sold the boat to Roy Benson in 1971 and the list goes on until 1976 when Thomas and Karin Schrader purchased and sailed her for 3 years with their 4 teenage daughters. The boat then changed hands again a few more times until about 8-10 years ago where it wound up in a boatyard in San Diego which is where I found her. During this time-line her name changed from "Pilot", as she was christened, to "Delphini Dio" to her current name "Carina" which has also had a book written about her titled "Carina" by Patricia Kilson, one of the four daughters of Thomas and Karin Schrader that sailed her from 76-78 when she was about 11. Recently, she has been in dry dock storage for the past 8-10 years with a few owners in between that had accomplished a little work during their time as keeper over "Carina". She has dried out planking and a deck support beam on the starboard side that will need addressing, along with keel and rudder work. But she is such a worthy soul. So, she will now leave the boatyard in San Diego for the first time in a decade to undergo an extensive refit to return her to her former glory. Hopefully, I will be able to connect with Patricia Kilson during this time and upon completion of the refit she and "Carina" can reunite for her re-launching.