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1971 Mariner 31, Hull# 90
Owners:Kevin Martin - Wilmington, Ca. - USA

I live in Long beach California and keep the boat in Wilmington California. I have just been granted live-aboard status and hope to be ready for that adventure on December 1 of this year. I am excited to let go of my house and move into my life-long dream. The boats name was originally Harmony. However, I have decided to change the name to Fairchild in remembrance of the wonderful man , James Fairchild, who sold me the boat and made my cruising dream possible. The boat has always been in Southern California. I am still talking with people who have a history with the boat to get the story straight. When I have a better sense of the history I will post it here. I will also send some pictures. She is in wonderful shape and in need of nothing more than some teak revarnished and some new topside paint.

Looking forward to sharing times with other mariner owners, either on the net or on the water.