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"Flying Home"

1978 Tayana Mariner 36- Hull# 300
Owner: Jason Sweircz- Long Beach, Ca. - USA

She's a 78 Tayana Mariner 36 sloop rig with the single person floor plan, state room with double bunk up front. ( no v berth)
I have been having a hard time determining what hull Number she is but I think she might be hull number 300 from other boats of that year I know, of but its not for certain. I purchased the boat from a older man who bought it to get away from his wife, He was the second owner and had her from 1990-2000 till the time I bought her in April 2000.
Gorge (as he was named) Did not sail her and to my knowledge did not have a whole lot of sailing experience. I do not think he did any alterations on her but for splicing in wires and equipment as he needed it which I plan on replacing ALL the Electrical AC and DC.
Gorge HARDLY sailed her maybe 4 times from his memory his wife died and was living in Oklahoma when he sold the boat. She had no structural damage as far as myself and the surveyor noticed but one thing was very wrong . The old fuel tank was iron and was corroding badly and needed replacement which I did. $1200 latter (OUCH) I had a tank custom fit the spot that the old tank occupied, The new tank was made from 8086 Alu and is about 75-80 US Gal I don't know for sure I have not filled it up yet .
Well along with a bad fuel tank were bad water tanks holding tanks and plumbing along with all the electrical and toilet. LOL (I bet your laughing) BUT structurally she was VERY sound no cracking or gel coat crazing or any soft deck spots (but one small spot ).
The boat did not have any equipment but a VHF which was THRASHED and had no windlass ARGH!!!! well I talked with my wife and we both liked her and I fell in love which is why we buy these things anyway right? well the deal done, I got down and dirty..
As I said before in the last 8 months my wife and father and I have Replaced ALL tanks Water,holding, and fuel tanks as well as rebuilt the head and all the galley with white Formica fronts and corean counter tops. We replaced the Hot water heater and are installing a pressure water system. I painted all the bilge's white and replace 3 bilge pumps.
We have allot left to work on right now we are replacing all Blocks and tackle up on deck and plan on revarnishing her exterior wood work, we have plans on new steering cables and standing rigging soon.
As far as the boat is concerned she is named "FLYING HOME" but I might go through the grouling tradition of changing that, I plan on installing a windlass and running rigging but one thing at a time . I have loads of work but we are doing Great so far and I'm on target for a 2005 departure. My wife and I are quitting to go sailing,We plan on a circumnavigation with no time limit. I backpacked over sea's after high school for 3 years and plan to do another global romp with my own boat.
Right now we are just moving along. I travel alot for work and getting to the boat can be hard and that's where I really need my father to help which he does lovingly. I some times get overwhelmed with all the work but when I feel like that I pull up the floor boards and have a look on the work that I have completed and I feel a bit better.