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1978 Tayana Mariner 36'  Hull # 301

Owner: Chelsea Woelkers - Annapolis, MD - USA

Previous Owners:

Donna Beaux was the owner for 19 years and named her HO-BEAUX. She was moored at Des Moines, Marina - Des Moines Washington.
She sailed her in Puget Sound, San Juans islands, Washington and the Gulf Islands , Canada

Chuck Koonce until 2002

Karl and Mariann Merz 2002 - 2008

2009 - "I bought HO BEAUX in June of 2008 and lived on her for 18 months while serving as an Officer in the Coast Guard in Alameda, CA. My boyfriend and I just recently moved to Annapolis, MD due to a military transfer and now have HO BEAUX at a dock on the South River. Very different sailing environment in the Chesapeake than in the San Francisco bay! Unfortunately we did not have the time to sail HO BEAUX from the West coast to the East coast so we put her on a truck. The haul cross country went well and the only harm done was a good coating of diesel fumes on the hull. We are anxious to get to know the Chesapeake better by sailboat!

Happy sailling!"
Chelsea Woelkers,
Owner of HO BEAUX