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1971 Mariner 40 - Hull# 73

Owners: Dutch Couple - Curacao -Caribbean

Previous Owner: Robert Mushrock

I bought the boat on August 15, 1996 from a person that was living on board her in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. I also have been living on board her since I got her. When I got her she was called ' INKWAZI ' , and I liked the different sound of that name, and have kept the name the same. My name is Robert Mushrock, and the vessel is homeported in St. Thomas U.S.V.I. Attached to this e-mail is a photo of INKWAZI sitting on her mooring in West Gregorie Channel, Elephant Bay, St. Thomas. This picture was taken in Feb. of 1998. When I got her she had been neglected for a few years, but I have worked to get almost all the major problems and the needed repair or replacement of the rotten deck and cabin top done. I am shore that most of the Mariner 40 boats have this rot problem, to some degree or another. All the repairs are beaning done in epoxy. New sails made, new standing rigging and replacement of the tangs on the main and mizzen masks are some of the other things that have been done. What has not been done is the cosmetics of the vessel as I have chosen to use my money to go sailing and not make the boat look pretty just yet.  I have only just found your web sight and have not yet got to look at everything that is there. So because of that, I will, at this time only give you this basic information. Maybe after I see what other people have written about, I could add to this knowledge base about these Mariner's. When you receive this e-mail you may not hear from me for few a months, as I am about to get under way to sail back to St. Thomas from Ft. Lauderdale Fla. I don't think that I will be near internet access much, travelling thought the Bahamas. For the past three summers I have sailed the boat down in July to Curacao, and back to St. Thomas in October. This summer I came to Fla. and will now head back, maybe slowly cruising the Bahamas, or if the hurricane season becomes more active make a quick passage to Curacao. Well I am looking forward to reading and looking what I downloaded from your web sight, and to see what it has to offer.