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197 Mariner 35, Hull#53
Owners: David Miscimarra - San Diego, CA - USA

HI..My Name is David Miscimarra and I purchased Mariner 35 #53 Ker-Mor  based in Chula Vista Marina.I purchased the boat from Guy Davison.
She is presently in the process of a transmission (Thamesway TMP12000)  rebuild.  Will also need deck work..and more work...Having previously owned an Islander 32 Mk II..I  may have been a bit  too timid upon first look at this boat.  If you google the name, you  will find extensive cruising up until 2005.  After that, not sure what  happened as shes in rough least to me anyways.  My intent is  to get her into top shape..starting with engine/trans and onward.   I 
will have lots of questions and look forward to meeting some other  Mariner owners in the San Diego area....also, she has had her binnacle  compass stripped...looking for a suitable replacement.

David Miscimarra