Home Port, Bay City Yacht Club, Bay City, Michigan (Lake Huron, Saginaw Bay)

Kialua was commissioned in Detroit in 1981, and after two years was sold because the first owner was transferred somewhere without water. The next owner apparently never used her at all, and the Reynolds purchased her and took her to Alpena, Michigan where she was the darling of the Alpena Yacht Club for 14 years. She was meticulously cared for by Ken and Marilyn, to the extent of sending the sails to UK sails annually for cleaning and storage. Following a breakdown in the North Channel (Upper lake Huron,

Canada) in 1997 she had a new Yanmar 38 hp diesel installed, and was thereafter cared for primarily by the boat yard in Alpena, because of Ken's declining health. As his health declined further in May, 2001, Kialua was placed for sale in Alpena in July. We purchased her the day after we found her, essentially cancelling our trip to the North Channel in our 28' Irwin, Masallah, so we could complete the arrangements. We had been blown in to Alpena by a persistent Noreaster ( 6 days, with high winds and seas, keeping

everything less than 36' off the lakes). We didn't know she was for sale when we first saw her, but we fell madly in love with her (and her new engine) from our first glimpse of her. She needs some refitting because her systems are 20 years old, but she was surveyed and found to be in almost boatyard new condition, except for work on a leaky rudder (found to have a broken rudder post internal to

the barn door, requiring complete removal and overhaul). She will get new plumbing and head, and a new electrical system and instruments (because I like to do these things, having done it to our Irwin), and all new running rigging. We hope to sail Kialua throughout the Great Lakes until we retire and take her out to the open ocean, where she belongs.

Kialua is the single-handed below decks layout, with a 7' Settee on the starboard, amidships, faced by a 5' Nav station on the port. Quarter birth (starboard) and galley (port) are aft, with a large stateroom forward, with hanging lockers and drawers, and a huge sail locker in the bow (We call it the basement). She is all tongue and groove teak bulkheads, with bronze ports, and beautiful carving of the Mariner Logo on the stateroom door and the head seat. There is also beautiful carving on the interior cabin support of dragons

and Chinese characters that we hope aren't abusive communist propaganda. The interior was kept in new condition, with nary a mark on it after 20 years. Her teak cockpit decking needs repair or replacing, and we had to have the rudder rebuilt this winter because of massive failure. If this is the only problem with a 20 year old classic, we are very lucky. She sails like a dream, handles heavy weather extremely well (we found this out bringing her down from Alpena to Bay City), and is now the darling of the Bay City Yacht


Ed and Deb Podany, BCYC, St Charles Michigan