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1972 Mariner 36, Hull# 2
Owners:Michael Beyra- USA

I own a 1972 marina 36 built in japan. She is hull #2. I purchased her about 2 weeks ago from the marina in which I live. The boat has sat for approx 2 years
on the hard. Interior is in very good condition as is the hull. I was able to start the perkins on the first try, sounded perfect. Very smooth and quiet to my
surprise. An interesting note, the companion way hatch is located to the port side, all the mariners I've seen have the hatch to starboard. Is this rare? She
has many nice systems, dual coil cold plates( frig and freezer separate), engine driven compressor, ac compressor, marine air, etc.
The bottom had already been sand to gel when I purchased her. I gave two coats of interlux barrier coat and 2 coats of bottom paint. Pulled all the
seacocks, serviced them. She's going in the water monday. I'll email you some more shots later in the week once she's a little more together.