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1972 Mariner 32 Hull#48
Owners: Tim McCarthy, San Pedro, Ca. - USA

Hi Bill, Yes I bought promise in March, 2009. She had some extensive deckwork done and is in pretty good shape now.. I have replaced the main and mizzen sails, and plan on hauling her out in November to repaint her bottom and replace the prop, as I think the prop is not right. The boat has a Kaboto Beta marine 28 horse diesel with only225 hours on it and when I am motoring at full throttle she only turns at 2500 rpm and she should turn 3600 at first it's fine then black exhaust comes out, whenn it's not in gear it turns at 3600rpm. Anyway I haven't got too many days use out of the boat yet, but i really like it. I am sort of looking for a windvane, if you know of any for sale, preferably one off another Mariner. Thanks Tim.