We bought our mariner because we often sail across the bar into
humbolt bay and around Punta Gorda and Cape Mendocino so we needed a
heavy displacment and full keel.
We were crossing Punta Gorda once in January 1999 and it was really
ruff. It was combined seas of 23 feet and the wind was blowing 35
knots.We had up storm jib and reefed mizzen.It was ponding so hard the
deck on the bow sprit broke off.
I was starting to get nervous she might brake up,then I realized she
is made out of wood and wood floats so we could hold on to some pieces
if the worst happens.
Shortly after that we saw a helicopter rescuing the crew of a
fishing boat near us,the Coast Guard called and asked if we O.K.and we
said we were.
We finally got to humbolt Bay and could not cross the bar as it was
to ruff and the Coast Guard wont let you.So we anchored out in the ocean
for two days, it was hell.We finally made it in and slept for two days
and couldnt walk rite for about a week on land.
We love or mariner and am sure not many other boats could perform as
well under similar conditions.