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"Waka Irie"
1972 Mariner 32, Hull# 49
Owners: Peter Deverell - Totara North, New Zealand

Previous names: Serena II  /   Blues Traveler
Previous owners: Sietse & Jennifer

February 2019...New Owner.... Peter Deverell:

I bought Waka Irie Hull #49 in March 2015 in a boatyard in Whangerei, NZ. 
I had her Transported to my Family home in Totara North, NZ and Work on a complete rebuild began in October 2016.

In short, the work completed:

It has taken me over 2 years of almost full time work to get this far and there has sure been some ups and downs! With a few more things to do: Wiring, plumbing, building a new rudder, and saloon table, I hope to Launch Waka Irie at the end of 2019. I know some of you may be sad to see that I have changed her so much from her original charming look, of a black hull and amount of brightwork! I too loved the black and the varnish! but practicality and keeping her easy to maintain won over. Long term plan is to live aboard, cruise New Zealand then the Pacific!


The name ‘Waka Irie’ was formed by joining the Maori (New Zealand) word for canoe or vessel ‘Waka’ with the Jamaican word ‘Irie’ meaning powerful and pleasing or excellent and is used in the Rastafarian movement to denote acceptance, positive feelings, or to describe something that is good. So basically ‘Waka Irie’ means ‘Good Boat’.  ‘Irie’ is also a Japanese word and a common family name meaning inlet, cove or bay. As "Waka Irie” she has sailed from USVI through the Panama Cannel and across the Pacific to New Zealand with her previous owners Sietse & Jennifer.
Before being renamed ‘Waka Irie’ she was known as ‘Blues Traveller’ and had been cruising extensively in Caribbean waters participating in various Classic Yacht Regatta’s. Before that she was known as ‘Serena II’ when she was still white and innocent and located on the East Coast of the US. She’s had lots of blue water miles under her keel and has successfully crossed the Atlantic twice.

Peter Deverell