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"White Crest"
1967 Mariner 35, Hull# 41
Owners:Steven Gibson - Sacramento, CA - USA

Have cleaned up engine (Hobbs shows over 6,000 hours, who knows), replacing hoses, building new alternator bracket, new raw and recirc. water pumps, fuel lift pump and in line pump and and all filters. Runs very smoothly now. Has stainless water and fuel tanks. Taff rails have some dry rot and intend to inject them with resin where practical and rear taff rail needs replacement. Will add life line stanchions through taff rails for safety. Some deck leaks where forward cabin joins deck. Sanding to bare wood then sealing with either 3M 5200 or fiberglass strips..

Will pull out of water later this summer and test, and replace as necessary, all keel bolt studs and nuts and do a thorough bottom job. I may replace rather than just inspect through hulls.

Thinking about pedestal steering forward end of rear deck which is being rigged for single handed sailing. Going with 2 furlers, and lazy jacks. Sailing a Cal 20 single handed on San Francisco Bay to get more familiar with heavy wind sailing.