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"Yia Sou"
1972 Mariner 31, Hull#133
Owner: George Bourdoumpas- Crete, Greece


 I have a friend who bought a "Ketch" type sailboat mariner 31. He recently asked for my help in order to repair it. So, while I was looking for information on the internet I accidentally found this site and I found many interesting details and data from previous repairs from another owners of similar boats. This sailboat is located at the port of Chania in Crete, Greece. It is named "Γειά σου" translated "Hello" or "Goodbye". The "Hull" number is 133 and it was manufactured in Japan in 1972. Owner is George Bourdoumpas.  I'm sending you picture of this boat and I will try to find other details of its history. We'll keep in touch.