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Mariner "Archives"

In the links below you'll find memorabilia, articles and documents that make up the history of the Mariners. 

Since most of these materials were passed down from 'owner to owner' and after 30 some years, deterioration took it's toll. Please excuse the scanner's abilities.

Mariner 40 Ad (1970) Focusing on cargo capacity Sharon Adams' journey covered in an article

Mariner Ad when they were sold as kits (Final Days)

Far East 40 - the S&S 40 by Far East Yachts

M31/32 Spreader Specs (Thanks, Randall)

Freighter named in Honor of our own Rolo Mata

M31 / 32 Mainmast Measurements

Mariner 40 in "Sea" magazine cover

M31 / 32 Life Stanchion Specs

A Mariner 31 featured in a commercial

2004 Rendezvous

M31/32 Bowsprit drawing

M31/32 Running Rigging Specs 

M31/32 Bowsprit top view (photo)

Murre's Hull# on Bowsprit

M31/32 Bowsprit side view (photo)

Kilroy-San on "Carpe Diem"'s ice box walls :-)

M31/32 Nav station drawing

M35 Wood, in CW's 1987 Calendar Frontpage

M31/32 Nav station (photo)

M31 price-list

M32 Wooden rudder

Mariner wiring diagram

Trailer for a Mariner 31 ("Cherub")

Time/Life's tribute to Mariners

Writtings for Clair in "Good Old Boat" magazine 

Mariner 31 in a Cruising World Cover

Herreshoff  H-28  built by Far East Yachts

Windvane Diagrams for Mariner 31/32 and Fuji 32