Far East Yachts


Far East Yachts

Far East Yachts was created by Clair Oberly, in Yokosuka, Japan. Below are photos of the yard,  the craftsmen and the boats in different stages of construction.

** Please note: These photos are property of the MOA and cannot be used without permission **

Far East Yachts - Yard  Far East Yachts - partial view of the yard  Far East Yachts - partial view of the yard_ Far East Yachts - spar section  FEY - hand layed glasswork  FEY - handlaid glasswork 

FEY - M40 Hull#1, handlaid glass, no chopper gun here :-)  FEY - glasswork on  M40, Hull#1_ FEY - M31 hull just finished painting _FEY - M31/32 hull being painted_FEY - M31/32 hull - interior work_FEY - M35 - aft section work_ FEY - M35 being worked on

      FEY - M35 hull planking work done_FEY - M40 wooden hull being worked on_FEY - M31, Hull #1, off the line_FEY - M31, Hull #1, just off the line_FEY - M31/32 interior work finished_FEY - M31/32 engine_FEY - M31/32 galley area finished  

FEY - M31/32 salon finished_FEY - M31/32 nav station & q-berth_FEY - M32  Hull#1 launched_FEY - First M32 test sail_FEY - M32 Hull#1 cockpit_FEY - M32 Hull#1 cockpit aft

 _FEY - M36, Hull#1 interior_FEY - M36, Hull#1 salon_FEY - M31/32 head_FEY - M36, Hull# 1, galley_FEY - M36 half-mold on crane

 FEY - M36's - you might spot your boat here  Yokosuka Harbour - Mariners waiting to board a freighter_Yokosuka Harbour - M32 and M36 waiting for transport_Yokosuka Harbour - M32 and M36 waiting for transport. Check hull#'s for your boat_Yokosuka Harbour - M31 waiting for transport_Yokosuka Harbour - M32 lifted on freighter to the USA



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