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1965 Mariner 40, Hull#1
Owners: Steven O.- USA

I am the proud new owner of a Mariner 40 hull #1.
I bought her on September16th 2013 from the Gregory family. I found her as a boat in need of a second life. She was built in 1965 for Greg & Melissa Bachaud. I have never owned a wooden boat and never understood why anyone would want that amount of work.
Her motor has not run in 2 years and her decks are in real bad shape. The previous owner bought her in Washington state and sailed her down to San Diego, California six years ago.
I have a list of things to do on her and hope that I am skilled enough to turn her back into the boat she once was. I was fortunate enough to find her with 9 sails, 3 of which are spinnakers. She was a gift to me for my 44th birthday from a lady who calls herself Nicole. Ps, I love you for making my midlife crisis a dream come true.
I would welcome any knowledge or wisdom from other owners or even a bit of useless information that anyone can give me on my projects ahead. She is still afloat but needs motor work, a new dolphin striker, new decks, and a month in the boat yard to refinish everything from the keel to the masthead. I have more projects than money and willing to go back to work as an attempt to pay for everything that needs doing.
For any donations or free advice I leave you with my contact information;