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1979 Mariner 32 - Hull# 108

Owners: Mark and Anita Rooney - Pasadena, MD - U.S.A

Previous Names: "Sea Mistress" / "Melody Amour" / "Kinkie Two"


A Note from previous owners Fred and Sharon Waterhouse: The history of our boat  : Finished out in CA, and was named " Sea Mistress" .    It was bought then by Kevin and Cecilia R Cooper, they then took it to  Galveston Bay, and lived on it for about 2 years, and at that time the name was changed to "Melody Amour".   We bought it in August of 1988.    We took it to a small lake in IL. (Caryle IL.) sailed it until we  moved it to Kentucky Lake, KY.  Our name for this boat is "Kinkie Two", no explanation needed.   We have been at Green Turtle Bay Marina  for approx. 8 years.And it has been great.  We love the lake and all that water.    Our boat is a 32' ketch rig.  fiberglass hull, all wood below.  We have a  Volvo MD 11C, we have had to replace the transmission.  We are fully loaded for living abroad and open water sailing, like you said you must have wind to move it, then it is great. 

My wife and I bought "Kinkie Two" and renamed her to "Ashlinka" (after our daughter Ashlyn) while I was home on mid-tour leave from Iraq in January 2008. I spent most of my leave going through the process of buying this boat, arduous but well worth it. We actually found it by accident while checking on our Herreshoff H-28. I don't know about you but I can't drive through a boat yard without looking at all the boats. Driving through the yard I saw Kinkie Two on the hard and mentioned to my wife that I would like to end up with a boat like that one day; and as we passed by I saw a For Sale sign taped to the side of her. Well I couldn't help myself. I called the number and spoke with a very pleasant lady, Mrs. Waterhouse, and asked if I could go aboard to show my wife. My intention at the time was just to show my wife, who has never had an exposer to boats, how bigger boats are laid out. Her only experience until then was the H-28 with a very cramped cabin. Mrs. Waterhouse happily gave us permission to board and as I climbed up, I liked what I saw. Then as I stepped into the cabin we were stunned by Kinkie Two's beauty. It was about seven days later that we were the happy owners. -Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse!
We are very willing and open to learn from the experiences that are offered from the members of this site and are looking forward to may years of happy sailing and new friendships along the way.

Best regards, Craig and Goshia Parker

August, 23, 2010


An update to the owners list for Mariner 32s. Hull # 108, "Ashlinka" has been purchased by Jim and Shannon Roof in Baltimore, MD. We plan on keeping the name as is and plan to homeport the boat in Baltimore.We'll be updating as adventures occur. thanks Jim Roof

February 23, 2023


My name is Mark Rooney. My wife Anita and I have become the new owners of M32 ASHLINKA, hull #108 located in Pasadena, Maryland.
We acquired the vessel from our friends Jim and Shannon Roof, who had sailed her on the Chesapeake Bay for many years. Our plans include refurbishing and updating ASHLINKA with some much needed work over the next few months to prepare for the 2023 sailing season on the Chesapeake Bay. More to follow as we dive into these projects, with photos and I'm sure, many questions.

Looking forward to seeing other Mariners in our area.

Mark and Anita