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"Blues Traveler"
1968 Mariner 31, Hull# 55
Owners:Aron & Rhe Kormut- Port Orford, OR -USA

Previous owner: Steve Burge- Garibaldi, OR -USA

Hello fellow Mariners, my name is Aron Kormout, from Port Orford OR. My wife and I recently purchased Mariner 31 hull #55 previously known as Blues Traveller (We will change her name as her personality unfolds). We purchased her from Steve Burge in Garibaldi, OR who was partly into a total deck/cabin top/cockpit etc. refit. Apparently She has been on the hard for up to 9 years before that her home was in the Puget Sound, If anyone has any other knowledge of her history please get back to us. We are waiting for a trailer to be constructed and then well have the boat towed down to Port Orford from Garibaldi OR . We live in a small fishing town with a deepwater harbor, (no moorings or slips). Currently the deck and cockpit are stripped of all fittings ,trim, toerails . We have the rest of the woodwork , rigging, sails , in the garage which has since turned into an amatuer woodshop where I have been learning to make friends with sandpaper and handtools . We are in our 30's and didnt plan on buying a boat for another couple years, we weren't looking for a project boat but she found us anyway, So after hanging out w/ Steve and realizing he had the same dream as us: set sail in 2-3 years for mexico and central america , we did a lot of thinking and eventually decided that though she will take lots of time ,$, blood, sweat and beer ,when she is finished we'll know every inch of her and wont be in debt to a vessel that would be a mystery. When complete we'll either sell or rent out our home live on the boat for a year to work out the bugs, and to see if we can survive together on a boat in the rain; then hopefully take off for a couple of years and see how it goes. Thank you all for the stories, tips and information. Wish us luck ,thanks for looking. Aron and Rhe...