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The Galley

Messing about in the galley was both frustrating and rewarding.  There is not many projects you can take on that will produce such results with so few efforts.  The formica counter top was delaminating and thus removed.  Since the framework was still intact, installing a new top was no big deal.  Marine ply to the rescue.  Cut and screwed to the frames, it was dressed with tiles.  Silicone grout in between tiles.  The fiddles were raised to hold dinerware and such on the counter top.  It is after all,  a 'sailboat'.  A fluorescent light was added and now we can 'see the light'.  Little mirrors were glued to the otherwise 'small' locker sliding doors.  This gives an optic depth to the galley area.  The icebox,  since it was isolated from the cockpit access,  serves mostly as a 'dry food storage'.  Four drawers provide adequate storage for utensils and such items.  Below the LPG stove, there is storage for pots and pans.