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"Gitana Vela"
1971 Mariner 31, Hull# 95
Owner: Bruce Allen - Sausalito, CA - USA

I have purchased the sailing vessel previously known as "Margaret Lee", and have since been diligently making needed repairs and improvements, including installing a new 12V distribution panel, new shore power panel (the previous 120 VAC system was un-grounded), repairs to the windlass and chain pipe, replaced engine heat exchanger and coolant vessel, and installation of a new waste treatment system, among other projects in preparation for general coastal cruising, and passage making.
She is in above average shape for her age, and will be renamed "Gitana Vela" (wind gypsy), ceremoniously, once I install new mizzen structural support. A previous owner had painted over the old namesake.
The support posts under the cockpit and stepped mizzen have been cut away by a previous owner, and discarded, presumably to allow for better access to the Perkins 4107 engine (file under the "stupid things not to do to your Mariner" category) She will also require additional work on some of the marine ply cockpit elements this summer, once the weather drys out.
I will send additional info as time allows. Any previous owners and/or readers who might know any of her history are welcome to contact me directly, or through the website. Any info. regarding her history would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Allen