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"Gypsy Mariner"

1979 Tayana Mariner 36 - Hull#316

Owners: Michael and Michell Cox - Biloxi, Mississippi - USA

"Gypsy Mariner" She has a substantial blue water cruising history. I am in the process of gathering her history from the previous owners and I will submit it as soon as possible. She has visited almost every Caribbean port from Antigua north and west to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and the Mexican Yucatan. She has also made the United States great circle cruise. I have sailed her across the Gulf of Mexico from St. Pete to Biloxi, MS. She is currently in dry dock getting some needed attention, but she should be back in the water by May. I will submit photos of the ol' girl as soon a she is presentable. Currently she has her gel coat peeled, her topsides sanded for repainting, and her masts unstepped and painted, so she is a bit camera shy. Even in such a compromising state, she still gets lustful looks from other yacht owners in the boat yard! After we get her back in the water, we are going to take her on a cruise across the Gulf of Mexico to Isla Mujueres, Mexico.

"Gypsy Mariner" was damaged during Hurricane Katrina and is now undegoing major cosmetic repairs