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1972 Mariner 32, Hull# 42
Owners: Dylan Baker - Cape Fear, North Carolina - USA


1972   Purchased by Harold Leitstein of NYC from Cow Bay Marine in Port Washington, L.I. named 'NOSOTROS', "ourselves alone" because he singlehanded the boat. Sold back to Cow Bay Marine.

1984   Purchased by Jackie Ring. named 'CLADDAGH' in honor of Jackie's Irish ancestry.. Jackie chartered CLADDAGH    (Ring Maritime inc.)  on the Hudson River from '84 till 1990 .
          Shipped CLADDAGH to Sarasota Fla. in 1990, and back to Connecticut in '93 

'97/'98? Purchased by Jamie Robinson. named 'THE ROSE'

1999  I bought 'THE ROSE' in Annapolis MD, named her 'HALO", honoring my parents (Hank&Lois). Lived aboard for approx. 3 years. Cruised down east coast to NC, Fla, back to NC. Then south to the Bahamas and home to NC. HALO was hauled out and transported inland to East Bend NC in 2003. She rested on the transport trailer 'till '09. Then backed into the "boathouse" thus beginning a 5 year (intended 2) refit. Launched into commission in Jan. 2015 with light use until Dec. 2016.  Cruised for 6 months south to Fla. and Bahamas once again!.. I have sailed 'HALO' single handed  for thousands of joyful miles and have much confidence in my Mariner..   'HALO' is presently in Oriental NC.    January 2018