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1972 Mariner 31, Hull# 152
Owners: Al LaChance - North Carolina - USA

Well here is a short version of my story and my boat. I bought her in Deltaville Va. in June 1999. Her name is "Hexli" and she is hull# 152 built in 1972. She is a one owner boat, with me being the second owner. I have sailed her only twice, once for her sea trial, when it was blowing about 25kn or better, she sailed like a champ! The second time I took her out was over the Fourth of July for a long weekend. It was a hot one with temps in the high 90's and heat index of about 105. Sweltering to say the least. I live in N.Carolina and make the trip to her almost every weekend, about 250 miles, I must be crazy! She has been on the hard since, as I am replacing the cutlass bearing, having the prop cleaned and polished, stripping all the bottom paint off and sealing it with barrier coat and refitting all the through hulls. It appears that the original owner never did any maintenance so "Hexli" needs lots of tlc. She has come a long way since I bought her but she still has a ways to go. Will most likely keep her out till spring and then get her back in. The original owner kept everything about her, all logs, maintenance etc. so I at least have a fair idea of what has been done and what hasn't.

Al LaChance