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1971 Mariner 31 Hull#109

Owner: Joshua Mitchell - Cambridge,MD - U.S.A

Previous Names: "Mystique"

My name is Joshua Mitchell.  I am the happy owner of Isabella, M-31, Hull #109.  I purchased Isabella in 1999 and, for the last 20 years, I have patiently maintained and upgraded her systems.  Most notably, Isabella has an electric drive propulsion, courtesy of  James Lambden, over at  See

 While Isabella is an electric drive, she is equipped with a custom 48V generator, powered by a Farymann 18W, single-cylinder, water-cooled, diesel engine--the world's lightest diesel engine, weighing in at less than 100 pounds.  This vastly extends her range.  In principle, I should be able to sail around the world on less than a tank of diesel.

 Because Isabella is electric drive, I have configured Isabella's systems to be as energy efficient as possible.  All lights are LED; and my cabin heating system consists of two propane catalytic heaters, combined with a tiny coal stove (called a "Salesman Sample"), in which I generally burn hardwood or wood pellets.  Together, they keep the cabin warm when the outside temperature is in the 20s.

 My conclusion after 20 years of Mariner ownership that the M31 is one of the finest little sailboats ever made, and that with care and foresight, they should last well into the 21st century.