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1972 Mariner 32, Hull# 61
Owners: Chris & Kim Taylor - Portland, OR - USA

My husband and I have purchased a 1972 Mariner 32 (hull 61) and have been heavily involved in rebuilding/refurbishing her for the last two years. She is slowly returning to her former glory and we would love to be in contact with other Mariner owners.

Boat name - Kaaluna (Hawaiian for "to turn into the wind" or "determined")
Year - 1972
Model (Mariner 32) and Hull # 61
We purchased the boat from my father-in-law, who had owned it for the previous 15 years. The cockpit had apparently been rebuilt prior to my father-in-law's purchase.
In the last two years we have rewired her, replaced all the plumbing, all engine hoses, the exhaust system (except the heat exchanger), stripped, sanded, filled and repainted or varnished the interior. We've replaced portions of the deck and cabin sides and added approximately 5 gallons of Rot Doctor and 3 layers of glass to the decks, and pulled our and replaced the bulwarks in the cockpit. We've place/added opening ports and will be pulling and refinishing the masts this summer. Including, hopefully, pulling and refinishing the bowsprit. In the future is new sails, a dodger, new life lines, a redesigned bow platform, and maybe a stern rail (not sure about that one, as we really like the aesthetics of the current taffrail and would hate to ruin the look by overpowering it with the addition of a stern rail, so jury is still out on that one).

Any information that anyone can share with us about their experiences with these types of projects and with the rig would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help. We love the website and have used it for dreaming and planning for years.

Kim Taylor