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Mariner 31 - Hull#148

Owner: Sean O'Sheill - Hilton Head, SC - USA

Notes from previous owner: Jim Bayliss - Noank, Ct.

This is a photo of my boat Kaizen along with a picture of it when it was known as Coup Fourre on the cover of the September 1979 Cruising World. You obviously know a little of the boat's history with the article you've put on the web site about when it was owned by Dale Nouse. It is a Mariner31, Hull #148. I bought it in 1997 from Richard and Barbara Carmen who hadbought it from Mr. Nouse. They had named her Tirrana and now I have changedit to Kaizen - a Japanese term for continuous improvement - which for a 30year old Japanese boat with wood spars and teak decks seems appropriate.Rich put a new fuel tank in and did some other minor work when he bought itbut it's basically original equipment. The cockpit has almost as much epoxyas original wood at this point and will need major rework in the nearfuture. I'm always going to do more work in the Spring but once the weatherturns good I've got to get it in the water and sail. I currently keep theboat moored on the Mystic River in Noank, Connecticut and sail locally - out to Long Island and Block Island. I haven't made any long journeys yet, but the boat can sure do it! Never seem to have enough days off work...