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"La Brisa"
1973 Mariner 31, Hull# 154
Owners: Scott Glazier - Long Beach, CA - USA

bought her in pretty rough shape although had some things accomplished from the previous owner.
Namely: new cutlas bering, prop shaft, perkins 107 overhaul, oversized rigging on the main, new stainless exhaust and that's about it.
what's left for me: new cabin sides from rot, new cockpit from rot, new subply on decks from rot, to save money, I salvaged the old teak. ripped up the
decks, lay new marine ply, slathered 5200 down, screwed the decks down, scrapped new grooves with a 1/4 inch chisel, and used the black sealant for the grooves (thyacol) new windows all the way around.have done much costom work to here, not a big fan of electronics but am more of a naturalist and minimalist when it comes to sailing, I prefer to dip my tanks, have a temp gage, gps map, vhf, and a depth sounder. the rest is up to me. I used very little power tools to do
this job, mostly hammer and chisel work. I just recently was at the top of the mast painting and varnishing, painted the hull black, spreaders black, tops white.
removed all the life line stantions and replaced with one on each side using rigging for pinrails and heavy line to replace the not so sturdy or safe knee high life lines. Just my preference on safety. Also just installed an aries lift up vane, as you can see the custom wood piece 154 sits on to accomadate the top mounting brackets.
She has a stainless 50 gallon fuel tank, and water tank. a wheel from my last boat (1932 40 foot seagoer yawl Gaff rig) Went down in a storm. A custom seat that rides like a saddle in heavy weather. I have done a lot of hard labor on her and in the pics you see a helper of mine giving me a few days of help. Even a boat this size, the jobs become overwhelming and endless it seems, doing most work alone, just a few days out of a week help keep me keep moving on the
15 hour days to get her finished and seaworthy to my standards. also added a compression post for the mizzen mast rather to rely on the decks for the support.
I have done much more but this is a good start on writing about a boat I love and will take around the world via the souther ocean (40's and 50's).