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1979 Mariner 32, Hull#104
Owners: Philip Miller and Lisa Hartle - Baltimore, MD. - USA

From previous owners: Mike Nelson & Amy Mattia
I just recently purchased ( with my girlfriend Amy Mattia ), "Odyssey", a 1979 Mariner 32 #104.  
Our story starts with while looking online for an anchor for our other boat, I came across "Odyssey" for sale at a marina just south of Annapolis MD.  After speaking with the yard and being surprised by the very very low sale price, I drove down from Pittsburgh PA and bought her on first sight.  She had been left abandoned for years and after just a little bit of work, I got the Perkins to fire up and we sailed her up to Baltimore MD - which will be her new home while I do some work to bring her back to life.  All I can say is I'm so incredibly impressed with how well she sails and with the over all construction of this boat.  I'm sure after only some cosmetic work, I will have no concerns with taking her to the islands and beyond.  
Thank you for your time and please keep up the great work on the site!  It's greatly appreciated and a wealth of knowledge for me and others!

October 2020
Philip Miller and Lisa Hartle (husband and wife) have just purchased the 1979 Mariner 32 hull #104 from Mike Nelson.
The boat will be named “Lotus”. Christened January 2, 2021 as the flower  gift of our fourth wedding anniversary
We live aboard houseboats and sail out of Seneca Creek, Bowleys Quarters, on the Upper Chesapeake Bay..
We intend to cruise the bay, while building our skills for the tropics.
I am very impressed with this vessel and very grateful for the association and forums for these boats.