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"Luna Blanca"
1978 Mariner 36  -- Hull# 301
Owner:  Karl Weimer -- California, USA


I have a Mariner 36' ketch. Hull # 301 built by Tayana in 1978.  I'm the second owner and the first owner gave me
all the paperwork he had, so there's lots. I have spruce masts fore and aft and, since the boat was intended for the
1979 Long Beach Boat show, there're tons of teak outside as well as inside. Teak decks, the works.(and it is work,
well, its not really work if you enjoy it, and I do!)  I'm at the tail end of a 3 year refurbish, new tanks, new wiring
throughout, rebuilt the head, the galley, I daresay I know my boat as well as the guys who built it. I lived in
Taiwan for seven years and have been to the Tayana yard as well.

"Luna Blanca"  at Goat Harbour, Catalina