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1968 Mariner 35, Hull# 36
Owners: Robert Madsen - Seattle,Wa. USA

Formerly  owned by Bill Achenbrenner,former name "Kitty Moon" & before that "Dawns Heart". It had been in outside storage for 8 years ,out of the water, where there was total failure of the deck and transom with significant interior damage.The boat is in its third year of total restoration.

I want to give you more info on the rebuild of Milagro. I'm now into the 5th year and quess that I have 1 year left to launch. The entire boat had to be taken apart, Decks, bulkheads. tanks, engine, every thing down to the bare hull.The planking was in perfect condition except for a probable docking gash. I discovered that the builders installed black iron floors under the bilge tank and bolted them to the frames with bronze . It destroyed the iron floors and the reaction wasted the frames. 32 oak lam frames had to be spliced in. The builders also skinnied the frames from 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 to 1-3/8 x 1-3/4 inches which caused uniform failure from frame 12 to frame 27 on port and starboard at the turn of the bilge. 32 sister frames were fitted which brought the hull back to it's original shape. All the bulkheads had to be refaced do to the failure of the ply core and have all been reinstalled.Everything that was made of ply failed.The transom is now 3 layers of mahog.epoxied and bronze nailed The deck is 1/2 " ply with a teak overlay. I've left the forward aft deck unattached so the engine can be lowered sraight down. I'm almost done with the engine . Once that is in the remaining deck can be attached and the decks completed.All the remaining interior case work has been completed and is ready to go in once the engine is in.The hull is recaulked with cotton half way then sealed with sekaflex. The copper rivets where in perfect condition but the quality of the screws required that they all be replaced.The cockpit tank was black iron and had completely disintigrated. That now is stainless. I made a epoxy/ply/fiberglass bilge tank so that there would be no trouble with the new bronze floors that it is next to. I found some interesting errors from the builders, the forward cabin house is 1 inch off center. Probably the classic burning an inch on the tape measure. The bowsprit was rebuilt by slabbing off the rot around the samson post slots and splicing in new spruce. That's all finished and ready for install.I'll be sending pics soon.

Robert Madsen