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1972 Mariner 40, Hull# 94
Owners: Michael & Gabrielle Dowding - Columbia River - USA

"Moontide" is the last of Clair Oberly's Japan-built Mariners.
We have owned and lived aboard for the last three years, and have been discovering how she sails and motors on the Columbia River and her tributaries since moving her up from Southern California.
From what I've been able to glean from maintenance records left aboard, "Moonie" was originally launched in Oregon in 1974, was owned and sailed by a Michael Knoke, who travelled down the coast and into Mexico. There are records that show she was in the South Pacific, (Tahiti, etc.) and travelled back up to Mexico where she was put on the hard for a number of years and eventually sold.
A California businessman bought her, and transported her to the Long Beach area, where she was sailed for a couple of years until our purchasing her in 2006.
"Moontide" has seen her share of blue water, and shines for her age! Attached are some recent photos that show this.
Our goal is to return her to warm waters in the next 2 years, which will be beneficial to both hers and our longevity!
Gabrielle and I were delighted to discover this site, and to learn about others who share the adventures of skippering a Mariner.
We would enjoy hearing from anyone who could tell us more history about our boat.

5/2/2014 - "Moontide" has been undergoing an extensive refit for the last three years, since our main mast snapped off at the top from dry rot while under sail. While the masts were off, we decided to address a little dry rot on the decks...That was two and a half years ago, and we have just completed rebuilding deck and cabin from samson post back to transom. It has been quite a ride, but she's taking shape nicely.
Anyone interested can see our whole process through our website and blog at
We enjoy this site, and would like to hear more from other folks of their Mariner adventures!