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1972 Mariner 31, Hull# 150
Owners; Randall Reeves and Joanna Bloor, San Fransisco, Ca. USA

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Jo and I bought our Mariner in 2001. We threw caution to the wind and renamed her Murre after the compact, slow flying but strong swimming sea birds that breed in our waters. A sort of penguin, Murres can be seen along the coast bobbing comfortably in the worst of weathers, and so seemed a fitting epithet for our tough little boat.

Hull 150, Circa 1974

Anchored Drake’s Bay with Cormorants, Summer 2002

Complete deck and cabin side rebuild, Winter 2003/04

Murre sailing herself in San Pablo Bay, Summer 2004

Anchored mouth of Petaluma River, Summer 2005

Under wraps for the cockpit rebuild, Winter 2005/06

Reaching in Raccoon Straits, Summer 2006

And introducing Coot, a Bolger Tortoise, known in formal circles by the appellation “La Coot du Murre”.