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1969 Mariner 31  Hull#14
Owners: Jess & Gary Balding - Merlin, Oregon.  U.S.A

Former name : "Malolo"

Note from previous owner Sam Quinan: During our later cruising we had the mis-adventure of hitting Momma Rhoda Reef - square on - under full sail - at 6+ knots where we spent several unpleasant hours listening to the side of the Malolo grinding  on the coral. She was extracted by a large horse power fishing boat that  pulled her - on her side and keel - across the reef and into open  water---------the upshot was that she suffered only minor scratches in  her gelcoat which I later repaired with Marine-Tex!!!! Must admit that this speaks well for the structural integrity of the early hulls----Currently reposing on a shelf in our living room is a piece of Momma Rhoda Reef (12"x12") with one side well impregnated with red bottom paint. A further testament to her hull strength (circa 1980) involved our  being rammed by a Nicaraguan gun boat and being taken prisoner as 'spys'  but that's another story for another time----Again best -Sam

Hi My name is James Scheh. I am the new owner of Malolo a Mariner 31 hull # 14. I have been in trusted by Sam and Virginia Quinan with her
future care and adventures. I will be moving her from Lake Tahoe to San Rafael Ca. I am looking forward to Sailing and Cruising on her.
James Scheh

2014  Hi.  We are Jess and Gary Balding, and recently bought hull # 14, the 1975 Mariner 31 'Pyxis' (formerly 'Malolo' ) from James Scheh. We're now based in the Bay of Islands, NZ, but met in Mexico 30-odd years ago, and are really looking forward to sailing Pyxis in the Sea of Cortez.  No plans at present to bring her down here, though I'm sure she's well able for it.  For now, the home port is Merlin, OR.While Gary was in Mexico looking at boats, I spent hours at home reading the MOA archives, and was very impressed with the wealth of knowledge being shared.  Reading about all the work James had done on the boat was
very influential in our buying her.Now we just have to sell the 26-footer we have here, and find a housesitter...

(Hello to M-40 'Moontide'; we were neighbours in Winchester Bay, Oregon,
while we were fitting out our last boat, 'Southpaw' (late 1990's).  She
was owned by Mike and Leah Knoke at that time.)

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