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1978 Tayana Mariner 36 - Hull#315
Owner: Jim Roedel - St.Louis, Missouri - USA

    I am the original owner of my 36' ketch  which was located in Imperial Yachts  Longbeach , CA  facility in 1981.  The boat had been completed at  the Tayana yard probably in the spring or early summer of 1979 and shipped to the Longbeach office sometime that year along with other boats, some sold and others unsold - for stock.  They explained that to build these boats they needed to build several at a time to keep the cost down and that the unsold boats would be divided among their four sales locations.     My boat was shipped via their truck on it's return trip from it's Great Lakes (delivering an in-stock Mariner 40 ) location , to the Longbeach location.   My boat has been exclusively sailed  in freshwater - the plan  was to retire and take her to sea in a few years which ended up being 20 years .  I've   put on many ocean  miles over those years but none have been on my Mariner thus she has stayed fresh looking  and all original,  no salt !

Rattler on the hard    /    Starboard quarter in the water   /   Cockpit