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1969 Mariner 31, Hull#40
Owners: Chris Roop, Napa, California-USA


Five years ago I decided that I needed a change. I had been on the Baja Ha Ha in 1997 and had  so much fun that I knew I wanted to do it again. Ten years had gone by in a blink and I had not even been sailing. Something "more important" always seemed to come up. So, when (in 2006) I found myself flooded out of my apartment on the Russian River, living at a friends in Sacramento and collecting unemployment I realized I desperately needed that change.

So I hoarded my UI checks. Scoured Craig's list for two and a half months. Purchased a 1971 Coronado C27 for $500 and moved aboard. I soon knew that I wanted a bigger boat. Mantra (the Coronado) is fine but she was designed for weekend trips. I wanted a blue water boat. Craig's list didn't work for me this time but after many months of looking I found a 1969 Mariner M31 on eBay. Her name at the time was Nemo. She was on a mooring ball in San Diego and I bought her sight unseen for a $980 bid. A few months. Several trips to San Diego and back and a saga in it's own right and the boat, now named Ryujin, is on the hard at the Napa Valley Marina undergoing some necessary repairs. 

I don't know much about Ryujin's history. The blurb on eBay said that she was first purchased in Japan and sailed to the Mediteranian before crossing the Atlantic. The original engine was apparently replaced in Florida before making a canal passage on her way to San Diego where she has been until last year when I bought her and brought her north. Progress has been slow limited by both budget and my own inexperience. I have spent many hours sanding and researching and sanding some more until I am comfortable going forward. I have read Randall Reeves write ups of what he has done on Murre several times already and I will probably know them by heart before I have Ryujin completed.