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"Sean O' Sea"

1972 Mariner 32 - Hull# 59

Owners: Steve Cox - Tacoma,WA - USA


Previous names: "Water Rat IV" while in Australia -----"Pyxis" while in Tacoma, WA.

I have virtually no info about the boat prior to my ownership. Previous names were Pyxis with a hailing port of Seattle and Water Rat IV with a hailing port in Australia somewhere. Pyxis was on the boat when I got her and Water Rat IV was the first name painted on the nameboards and was visible when I stripped the paint. I had seen the boat for sale by a brokerage here in Tacoma and liked her but the price was too much. Later she showed up on Ebay with the price still to high for me but no one else was bidding either so I sent a message to the seller with a low offer which was declined but a couple of months later she e-mailed back asking if I was still interested. I was but after the scope of the project has kept growing and growing (that should sound familiar to any Mariner owner :-) I think I wound up overpaying. I never met the seller as she was in Florida by that point and the transaction was done through a friend who is a broker. Title is fine and everything. I never was able to go for a test sail since the motor was inop and the boat was not fully rigged at the time. I had it towed to a yard a couple of weeks after purchase and then had it moved to the side of my house where it has sat ever since. Work has gone it fits and starts and was really starting to progress at the end of last summer but I hurt my ankle and between surgery and rehab I wasn't able to make much happen until this summer. Things have moved back into high gear now and I am looking at launching early 2010. As I'm redoing the boat I'm trying to improve it where I can to correct what I see as problems in her construction. Most of those I think were due to construction economies and poor choice of materials in some places. I have completely changed the hull to deck joint in order to make it drain better and to glass over the joint both for strength and to preven water intrusion. The foredeck configuration and the bowsprit have changed in order to accomodate a windlass, handle two anchor rodes at the same time and to drop the primary all chain rode into the space under the v-berth. I think it will work fine but the acid test will be after she is launched. The new name comes from the names of myself, my wife, and our two kids. That is Steve, Earline, Andrew and Nicole of the Sea. I hope this gives you a better idea of my knowledge of SEAN O'Sea.

Steve Cox