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1970 Mariner 32 - Hull # 3

Owners: Kathy and Bill Campbell - Terminal Island, CA - USA

Hello Sailors, I'm sort of new to this hi-tech stuff, so hopefully you'll get this. We've been trying to get more history on our boat as far as who owned SHADOW before us. This is P.I. work for sure. Anyway Bill Mor owned the boat before us, back in 1985. We bought it from him in the Fall of 1985. At this time the boat was berthed at Channel Islands Marina in Oxnard, California -Lat 34 9.7'N / Lo 119 13.5'W. Sea Lolly was the name of the boat. We stayed at this location for a little over a year and sailing to Anacapa Island for a short 3 hour tour was what we did. Sailing in the Channel Islands harbor one quite day with our bright orange drifter that has a large black S in the middle, we were hailed by a power boat that had passed us....." Is that the old Shadow ?" We had know idea and it wasn't till many years later, down in the Wilmington, California area-Lat 33 56.5'N/ Lo 118 53.8'W, where the boat is now berthed, that as I was stripping off the name and port plates at the stern, that the apparition appeared of SHADOW and SANTA BARBARA. So, you see, we really didn't change the name of our boat after all. It was SHADOW that wanted to be SHADOW. I would give a lot to bring SHADOW back to Santa Barbara, but the closest to Santa Barbara we'll ever get, at least in the near future is dropping the hook in the Santa Barbara harbor. In 1986 or spring of 1987 ( sorry it's been so long ago ), we got a slip in the Wilmington, Los Angeles harbor area. So " Two Days Before The Mast" began, abd we keft the neat crusing grounds of the Channel Islands for one of the world's busiest commercial sea ports. We had planned on a three day trip, with a stop at Paradiase Cove ( where the old Rockford Files beach trailor was located ), but a weather system was working and we weren't about to anchor off a lee shore at Paradise Cove, so we took off the following morning . The Pacific was a sheet of glass, and so we made our way to King Harbor, Redondo Beach ( the sight of our first MOA rendezvous ) and anchored there over night. The picture of SHADOW, coming in smartly through Angeles Gate into Hurricane Gulch, the San Pedro Bay was taken approximately in 1989 SHADOW's been here in Wilmington, California ever since, cept for three years when I lost my mind and trucked SHADOW out to the deserty, Riverside area of Southern California. My step son, Steve, asked if the masts were drying out in the dry air. That the dry desert wasn't good for the wood. So, back to the water. We replaced the original port lights with tradistional bronze. The large salon ports were made by Ronstand R. I., Inc., which patterns are 100 years old. Unfortunately, this company is no longer in operation now, and all the patterns are now at the Mystic Seaport Musium in Connecticut, I've heard. Maybe one of the Eastern founderies can retrieve the patterns before our bronze history fades into histiry. There is a small company in the Los Angeles, California area that does specialty and custom marine hardware. They made up patterns from the original cowl vents on our Mariner 32. These bronze vents look beautiful on this tradistional boat. HERON BRONZE is the name of this company ( 323) 258-9613 (32 or Fax (323) 344-1484

Yours truly, Bill & Kathy