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"Ta Ata Ori"
1970 Mariner 40, Hull# 56
Owners: Lawrence Killingsworth- Bayview, Idaho (Lake Pend Oreille)- USA


Summer 2008. Ta’ Ata Ori has just undergone a major refit. She now has a brand new epoxy bottom, buffed-out topsides, custom-made aluminum spars, all new standing and running rigging and a new set of world-class sails. It was a pleasure to work with the fine crew at MacDonald’s Hudson Bay Resort, the expert riggers from Port Townsend Rigging and the experienced sailors from Hasse & Company / Port Townsend Sails. We completed all the projects in time for our summer sailing season.

Since we re-launched Ta’ Ata Ori in June, First Mate Gail and I have refinished the brightwork with a fresh coat of varnish, polished the brass to an obnoxious shine and stocked up on provisions and cheap rum to serve our summer guests. Second Mate Dawn, Bosun Louis, Polly the Pirate Dog and Cap’n Flint the Taffrail Parrot complete our hearty crew. They can “Yo Ho Ho” with the best of ‘em and they seldom ever need to be keelhauled.

Ta’ Ata Ori handles like a dream with her new spars, rigging and sails. She stands up in a blow better than she did with the old spars. On light air days we just hoist the mizzen stays’l and the humongous spindrifter to squeeze out a bit more speed. She’s a fine vessel. We’re all proud to sail her and share her magic with our family and friends.

With her black hull and gold stripe, Ta’ Ata Ori is also known around the lake as “The Pirate Ship.” When kids come aboard, we break open our treasure chest and hand out souvenir doubloons to their wide-eyed delight.

The following photos illustrate what it’s like to sail the sparkling waters of Lake Pend Oreille in the Bitteroot Mountains of North Idaho. Drop by and visit with us, if you’re passing through.

Fair winds,

Cap’n K.

Ta' Ata Ori Update Summer 2011

After a cold and rainy spring, we've had a glorious summer here on Lake Pend Oreille. Ta' Ata Ori is looking just finestkind, with her teak refinished and new paint on cabin, deck and hull. The old Perkins is running like a sewing machine and she sails like a dream when the winds pick up. She's in the best condition she's been in since she left Japan in 1970. Better, actually, with all the upgrades we've added over the years.

We thought about selling her this year -- passing her along to some lucky new skipper. I must say, we got some imaginative offers, if not downright bizarre. But in the end, we couldn't let her go. First Mate Gail and the rest of the stalwart crew (Mike, Louis and Dawn) have really stepped it up this summer, improving their skills and taking over many of the physical duties of sailing her -- leaving for me the pleasant task of being her skipper, shouting contradictory orders at random intervals. We all love Ta' Ata Ori and now we've figured out a way to keep on sailing her. Talk about a "win-win" situation!

As summer winds down into fall, we'll take a few chilly sails around the lake before we tuck her in for the winter.

Lawrence Killingsworth
s/v Ta' Ata Ori