An invisible (but amazingly functional) heating system! Too short on space for a diesel heater? Tired of the inverted flower pots on the galley stove? Here is my ‘plagiarized’ alternative (see inter pic,s of Malolo / Mariner 31/ hull1#14)

Note Trawler lamp over table. This is a modification of a standard ‘trawler’ type kerosene lamp (circa 1969), the substitution of the wick assembly and mantle from an Aladdin Lamp, the fabrication of a new extended hanging yoke and the increased height of the old smoke defuse plate. What remains is the appearance of a trawler lamp and the efficiency of the Aladdin Lamp!----works great – but – the heat’s all at the ceiling. My solution - the substitution of a small brushless fan (Radio Shack) for the existing dome light (never used). With the fan running the heat quietly circulates throughout the cabin.

I scrapped my Dickerson heater for this fabricated system many years past and found it did an equally good job without the soot-on-the-deck problems and the loss of space.

Coming full circle, after the removal of the Dickerson unit there remained the metal heat defuse (for the now removed Dickerson chimney) in the cabin ceiling. My diffuser had threads (for a deck plate) which proved to be the exact match for a solar fan available through West Marine. The fan came with a 6 month guarantee – that was 26 years ago

Fair winds!—Sam & Virginia