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This page contains various projects undertaken by the owners. Logs and/or photos that might help or guide anyone in rebuilding or just renovating their Mariners. It will be updated whenever we receive more photos and stories of upgrades and project completions.

Please Note: Any owner who is undertaking a major refit and is keeping track of the project on the web, (either with a photo album, blog or a personal website), please get in touch with me and we'll post a link. Any information that gets posted here will most definitely be beneficial to anyone planning such a project.


"Projects Underway"

"Sea Voyager" - Mariner 40 - Oriental, NC
"Independence" - Mariner 32 - San Juan Island, WA
"Sean O' Sea" - Mariner 32 - Tacoma, WA


"Completed Projects"

Engine Replacement  /  Mizzen Mast Support  /  Worm Gear Steering Drag Fix  on 'Donna K" by Bruce  

Propulsion Ideas - "Isabella"s owner gets creative. 

"Frolic" - Mariner 35 - Rockland, Maine -  Ed Seigman is enjoying his "Frolic" after an extensive  rebuild.  

Bowsprit Installation Need a new bowsprit on your Mariner 31 ? ..........Randall Reeves has done it on "Murre" 
Mariner 31 & 32 Chainplates Anyone looking to build new chainplates for their M31 or M32....Bruce Allen gives us a "heads up"
Main Mast Support Main Mast support options on the Mariners 31 & 32 

Deck Rebuilt Excellent account of how to rebuild decks and cabinsides on a Mariner by Randall Reeves
Fuel Tank Replacement Replacement of the rusty tank under the cockpit sole by Randall Reeves
Heating Converting a trawler lamp into a heating element aboard "Malolo" by Sam Quinan
Cockpit Rebuilt on M31 A magnificent step by step rebuilt of "Murre"s cockpit by Randall Reeves

Hatch Installation A really outstanding addition to any boat. Hatch added to 'Sea Trek' by Chuck Baier

Cockpit Rebuilt on M31 Total rebuilt of "SpringMoon"'s cockpit by Steve Purcell

Cockpit Rebuilt on M32 Cockpit rebuilt from a bare hull on "Carpe Diem" by Bill Kranidis

Deck Rebuilt A step by step guide to rebuilding the decks of  "SpringMoon" by Steve Purcell

Galley Countertop Renovation Upgrading a deteriorating countertop on "Carpe Diem" by Bill Kranidis

Galley Redesigning A totally redesigned aft part of his M31 "Bagpipe" belowdecks. Look up "Bagpipe" in the "Mariners and their Owners" page for more pics of "Bagpipe"'s galley by Dave Stoodley.

Dodger Installation Dodger framing and installation on "Carpe Diem" by Bill Kranidis

Windlass Installation Windlass and anchor installation on "Promise" by John Bye

Ventilation Additional Hatches added to Carpe Diem for increased ventilation by Bill Kranidis