Mariner Owners Association
Updated :  June 9,  2022

This is the Association representing Owners of the Mariner Ketches 31,32,35,36,40 and it's purpose is to act as reference for anyone, interested in these superb vessels.

In this site we will also create a 'home' for our cousins, the Tayana Mariner 36's.

In 1957, Clair Oberly founded Far East Yachts in Yokosuka, Japan and started building the Herreshoff 28. In 1960 the wooden Mariner 31 and Mariner 40 were being built by Far East Yachts, along with a Sparkman & Stevens 40.  

In 1964 we also saw the introduction of the wooden hulled Mariner 35. In 1968  (with the Mariner 31) Clair Oberly started the production of the fiberglass hulled Mariner Ketches, followed by the Mariners 32, 36 and 40. Far East Yachts built the Mariners until the early-70's. The depreciation of the Japanese Yen, forced the fall of Far East Yachts and Clair Oberly moved operations and construction to Long Beach, California under the name 'Clair Yachts'.  In the late 1970's and early 1980's the Tayana yard in Taiwan (through unkown sources), built a few M40's and also acquired the M36 mold, hence the existence of the Tayana Mariner 36. Some are quick, to notice the resemblance between the Mariner 32 and the Fuji 32. While in this case the hulls of both boats were built out of the same mold, the decks on the Fuji 32 were built based on some Alden design.

The Mariner Ketches withstood the test of time, have provided safe and enjoyable means of transporting their owners all over the globe and will still do so, for many years to come.

Fair Winds,
Bill Kranidis

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