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Hello Bill,

Could you please post this attached pdf file. I recently had all 12 chain-plates fabricated on a computer aided water jet cutter, and have all chain-plates on file both in .dxf format and pdf. (and also in the machine language for the cutting machine) These drawings are to exact scale. It anyone needs new chain-plates - the shop which made the chain-plates is called Marin Metalworks, contact Alec Shaw (415) 331-3777. I think now that the computer files have been input, the chain-plates could probably be cut for less than $500 for all 12, but that would be up to Marin Metal Works, and they are very reasonable. Shipping would obviously be extra. Water jet cutters are the best way to cut the chain-plates because they do not work harden the metal.

Thank you,

Bruce W. Allen

To Open and Dowload the M31 / M32 Chainplate PDF file click here > M31 Chainplates pdf file